Settling in to 2.5

| 1 min read

I hope this is the last post about Wordpress and the upgrade migration. The issues seem to be shaken out. If you do see something that doesn't work right, please drop me an email. Tags are now integrated. Andrew Herron wasn't sure if the tags I had set up from Ecto would actually push to and be recognized as WP tags. I can tell you for sure they are. I added tags to my template so that you see them on posts and for fun put a tag cloud in the sidebar. I went back and found that highlighting a huge bunch of posts in Ecto (like, a whole year's worth) and hitting publish would resubmit the articles as edits including the tags, so I did that. The downside and one that didn't occur to me ahead of time is that it also re-pinged and/or trackbacked many linked posts. If you get a trackback from me for a post you wrote years ago, that's why. At this point I've done them back to the beginning of 2006. By this evening I should have done the full history of the blog, at least the portion that had tags. Whenever I switched from blosxom to Wordpress and started using Ecto, that's when I started tagging.

The nice thing about having the tag cloud on the side is that it gives me a good, positive reinforcement reason to be rigorous with tagging. If I am, then that will correctly reflect the stoichometry of what I'm interested in over time. It has been patchy up to this point but I'll shoot for full tag coverage on all new posts. Let's see what that does for us.

Next stop, posts about the whole rest of the world that isn't Wordpress 2.5!