Super Secret Project X is Live!

| 3 min read

So I've been hinting about Super Secret Project X for a very long time. At this point it has been over a year. The delays were many and for reasons too boring to think about but now everything is straightened out and ready to be revealed. SSPX is actually the return in podcast form of my radio show Reality Break. In order to make kind of a splash and get some attention here at the beginning, I opted to go straight for a big guest for the first episode so I am starting off with my 1998 interview with Will Eisner. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Rather than the freeform chaos of EGC, the whole Reality Break program is designed to run like a machine. Every two weeks on Saturday night I will post new episodes, beginning on June 29th. It is more sponsorship friendly than EGC, so if you want to sponsor the show or may know someone that does, drop me a line. This should be a lot of fun. I have over 200 interviews on tape from the 1992 - 1998 time frame with science fiction writers, fantasy writers, comic book writers and artists and more. My plan is to alternate newly produced episodes with ones from the archives although that may not be a hard and fast rule. The mix may change but there is a huge boatload of material I want to get back in the public sphere.

Many thanks to a few people behind the scenes who helped out. One is actor, writer and musician Bill Mumy, who was kind enough to license me the Reality Break theme music. That's another reason to sponsor the show - Bill has a piece of the action too so help some brothers out! Bill is a great musician and songwriter, and from the first moment I heard the Reality Break song at the Heroes Convention in 1991 where Seduction of the Innocent played, I knew I one day wanted that as a theme for a show. It sets a fun happy tone that just makes everything great.

Another person I must thank is my long time friend Mike Fisher, who did the CGI logo. I've known Mike since I was a teenager working in a comic shop in Augusta GA. Mike did the original Reality Break logo and as the state of the art advances, he did another fantastic updated one for this incarnation of the show. Mike does great videos so I really encourage you to go to his site and get his comics or his DVD. I have it and it is a real hoot, fun for the whole family.

I'm very excited and very nervous to finally unveil this project. Everything is not perfect yet and the timing could be better but I've been delaying so long for so many different details that I just opted to go with it. It's now or never, so let's make it now! I have an audio promo available for the show, and I'd really appreciate if you would play it in your programs. Whatever karma I may have built up in this world so far, I need to draw on some of it now. I've been involved in this project in one way or another for the last 15 years and I'm delighted to be able to give this material a new airing and to get back in the studio and do new interviews with my favorite people. As I always said on the show, "Who can't use a Reality Break now and then?" Come take one with me.