Sagas of the Icelanders Game

| 1 min read

I stumbled across an Indiegogo campaign the other day for an interesting sounding game. It is called Sagas of the Icelanders and is a role playing game about the Norse who settled Iceland in the 10th century. It has 31 days left at the time of this writing and the goal is met so it is well into stretch goal time for this campaign.

If you were, as I was, a fan of the Northlanders comic book, the last cycle was set in exactly this time and place. The Northlanders series finished with a cycle of three different three issue stories about one of the founding clans, starting with the original family and tracing descendants over a hundred years or so. The line I particularly liked out of the first sequence: "If that pup is born a Belgarsson, I'm catching the next boat back to Norway." If you read it, you'll remember that.

If you are looking for a game to play that isn't the same old thing, this seems like an interesting way to break out of the standard molds. I've got a growing fondness for this milieu, the history and culture of the Nordic countries. I also have a copy of the Kalevala on my Kindle that one day I'll read. I've been interested ever since I listened to Ellen Kushner's episode of Sound and Spirit about the work, a decade or so ago.