5 Weeks on Eat to Live

| 1 min read


This will be the last of these weekly updates, as I go from the first phase of Eat to Live to the sustaining part. I'm doing it a week early because of several life occasions in the next few days for which I want to consume some calories that aren't leafy greens.

The goal I set in fall of 2013 was to get from 225 pounds to 185 pounds. I effectively did that this week. Although I was 185.2 yesterday and 185.6 today, I'm declaring that close enough to claim victory. I celebrated by getting a checkup and blood work done today. I will know next week if I have incurred any ill effects from the last five weeks, no tests done today showed any problem. I can tell you that in April my blood pressure was 155/93 and today it was 128/83 so that was a clear victory.

I will check back in via the blog around early September to report what a month on the sustaining leg of the program did for me. I hope to not be back in the 200s. I'd love to be in the low 180s or even the 170s. I'd consider even being exactly 185 good enough for celebration. We shall see. What I know now is that I am going to have some beer tomorrow and Monday will let myself go completely crazy for a full day. I have a pint of Penn Jillette's Magic Swyrtle ice cream that was to be my reward for getting under 195 pounds. It's been in my freezer for over a year and I'm eating that son of a bitch next week. Go me.