Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for January 27 2023 - More Money In The Weepy Stuff

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In this episode, I play a song by the Dolly Varden; "You Make Loving Fun" has a weird structure; whisper is making me organize myself; I realized that Linode machines can do my transcribing; as many television shows we have access to, we can't find shows to watch; I hate reality shows for the formula of it; Love It or List It is being endured in this house; the only thing I like about the show is figuring out what city they are in; Slow Horses, Reservation Dogs and Dark Winds are the best shows I have watched in the last year; the movie "Dog" with Channing Tatum is bleh but we love troubled dog redemption stories; pipewire continues winning the war; big tech companies laying off workers is exactly what I have been talking about in the world of work; human misery is a bad tool for policy; Mastodon and the Fediverse can't fix the giant hole in me that seeks approval; I am finally learning how to handle third parties on social media; there is a pointlessness to the umbrage filled replies.

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