Bring Back Blogging

As part of my startup with Mastodon I happened to run across a link to this Bring Back Blogging project. The goals are modest. In the month of January make three posts on your blog, syndicated via RSS with all the standard stuff. I’m not counting this point nor all the Mastodon test posts. I am sitting down to right substantial post #1 right now, as it is one I’ve owed some people for some time.

This is the kind of thing I thought was worth doing for some time, but I haven’t had the tiny little nudge it would take to do it. Randomly finding the link to that page was just enough nudge, so I am nudged.

Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for July 4 2016 – Breaking with Libertarians

In this episode, I play a song from the Indigo Girls; I talk about Roderick on the Line and the claim that “computers haven’t increased efficiency one iota since 1965”; from there I lead off into a discussion of why libertarianism as an ideal once really compelled me and now I break with it completely.

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, July 4 2016

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