My Audacity Wishlist Feature


If I could get a FOSS genie to grant me one wish in the open source world, it would be for Audacity to have pitch correction on the playback so that when you listen sped up you can do it without the chipmunk effect. Especially as I am reviewing and editing a 2.5 hour file that is a panel of 5 people, I can’t differentiate most of the voices when listening faster than nominal speed because they all blur together. I’m not looking to permanently alter the file with “Change Tempo” (or even temporarily) but I just want to be able to review at higher (or lower) speed with the original pitch. My podcast player can do this, given enough resources I’m sure someone could do this. I saw that 2.1.0 was just released and I downloaded it with limited hope that maybe this feature was in this version. Alas, it was not.

The real question is do I want this enough to download the code, set up an Audacity development environment and try to figure this out for myself? Possibly not. I need one more project like an aperture in my cranium.