June 13th, The Inexplicably Big Day in the Southeast

One of the things I’ve noticed from living near Myrtle Beach is that there will be stretches where there aren’t any events I care about, then a weekend were everything happens all at once. June 13th is one of those days where in my drivable radius there are a bunch of events. In rough order of closest to farthest

  • Myrtle Beach, SC: At the Baker’s Dog on June 13th will be Pet Portrait Day. I’d like to take Koga there. The whole affair is part of a professional photographer going on tour to raise awareness for animal shelters. Sign me up.
  • Durham, NC: Wordcamp RDU will be that day. Note that if you go to the front page you’ll see Wayne Sutton’s smiling face. I first met him at Converge South 2007 when we walked together from the conference building to the parking lot. Since then he has really become a North Carolina new media superstar. The conference looks really interesting and worth pursuing if you are anywhere close and anywhere involved in WordPress.
  • Clemson, SC: On June 13th, the Southeast Linux Fest will be held on Clemson campus. Fyers for this event are hanging in my workplace and I’ve seen some of the Charleston people talking about going to this event. The speaking schedule looks pretty interesting to me, but I really don’t think I can swing attending. I’m glad it is happening in my part of the country though.
  • Atlanta, GA: The Susi French Connection is the side project of the Gentle Readers and a band I really love seeing. On June 13 they will be playing an early and late show at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur. We went to Atlanta last fall specifically to see them when the Gentle Readers were reforming to play as the opening act. This time Herman Put Down the Gun is opening, but I’m sure the show will rock it out. As they say in their web page “If you don’t have a superlative time at a Susi French show, you must be an evildoer.” Check it out and tell them I sent you.

There might even be more events that I could drive to and would attend. If I find more, I’ll update this post and put them in. Big day, no?