Black Gate Fantasy Magazine

I’ve heard of Black Gate fantasy magazine but I’d never actually seen a print copy on a newstand or ever read it. They’ve recently decided to make it available not just in print but also in a high quality digital version as well. In order to promote this, they have made issue #12 available for free download. I’ve downloaded it and checked it out and it looks quite nice, although I haven’t sat down and read any of the stories yet. They also have a two page Knights of the Dinner Table comic, so that’s really cool for those into gaming or this comic.

If you are at all interested, download this and try it out for free. If it’s something you like, help a brother out and subscribe or buy some back issues. Support the genre, support those few small press print magazines still making a go of it, support people willing to let you download the magazine without suing your nuts off.

PS – the free download is for a limited time so don’t fart around. If you want to get it, time to hop on it.