Comment Spam

The ongoing arms race with comment spammers is part of what made me leave blosxom for WordPress. Last night I got the first bits of spam on the new blog, all of which went into the moderation queue and were dispatched and marked as spam with one click of the button. I’ve never been so happy to be spammed in my life. I know the wait to be moderated the first time you leave a comment is a drag, but I have spent hundreds of hours of my good time fighting and cleaning up after comment spammers previously. This is much easier, so I hope y’all bear with it. After only a few weeks, enough people are repeat commenters that I’m only moderating about one in five comments anyway. WordPress rocks!

Test from Ecto

Here is the first post from Ecto, which was one of the straws that made me want to switch. This is a sweet app which I shall be registering shortly.

The one thing I don’t like about how the import happened is that my category tree each comes in as the whole tree as the name. I can go back and change the names but I’ll lose the tree nature, which I kind of liked.

And lest I forget to post this, here is the docs I used to migrate from blosxom to WordPress. It was very simple and only took a few minutes.