Conway SC Business Incubator

I ran across this story about a business incubator opening in downtown Conway SC originally via The Digitel daily email. I love the idea of a business incubator in downtown Conway, it really is a great location for it. To emphasize the small town nature of this place, I know personally all the people interviewed on camera.

Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for August 27, 2014 – DDOP 28: Myrtle Beach

In this episode, I talk about why I enjoy living in the Grand Strand; I talk up Myrtle Beach and Conway, South Carolina because they are good places.

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Hyperlocal coverage of Conway SC Mayoral Elections

Over on the Grand Strand Bloggers site I have begun covering the Conway mayoral election. It’s kind of an experiment for me. I was hyped up by Ruby Sinreich’s presention at Converge South about the work she does with Orange Politics and decided I’d like to try my hand at this. If you live in Conway and want to know the most about your mayoral candidates, please follow along and above all, come out and vote on December 9th. Just because we elected a president, that doesn’t mean democracy gets time off. It’s always working, for you and through you, so let’s get to it, friends and neighbors.

Ed Cone on Conway

After his trip to CREATE South, Ed Cone and his wife came back the very next weekend. What’s interesting about that post is the place they had lunch is in downtown Conway, walking distance from my house. This little joint is across the parking lot from the hardware store I shop, around the block is the restaurant at which we had our anniversary dinner and the theater we go to see the community plays. I really enjoy my little town and I get a kick out of seeing Ed enjoy it too.

Scofield Rocked

Whew, busy weekend with no blogging or podcasting. The John Scofield show Saturday night was really fantastic. We got to the festival fairly late, walked around a little and got some coffees. We set up our camping chairs and got good seats for the African dance troupe. They were quite enjoyable, and an hour of just drums and dancing flew by quickly. After taking a break, I set up on the other side for Scofield and had a nice seat about 30 feet from the stage. I enjoyed his show even more than I was expecting to. I was a little familiar with his work as a sideman but completely ignorant of his solo work. My (slight) worry was that it would be too “smooth jazz-y” for my tastes. Within 3 minutes, that was no longer a worry. He played good ballsy jazz, not afraid to approach the blues or Hendrix-y guitar rock at times.

Overall, it was a great evening. Just a few things that would be better for the festival: for a thing billed as a “jazz and arts festival”, play jazz on the PA between sets. Using Steely Dan sends a mixed message at best. Also, why were there no Scofield CDs available at the merchandise table? I walked by after the set and would have picked some up, but they weren’t there. The festival should just pick up a few boxes of each in print CD, try to get a returnable deal with the record label, sell what you can and send the rest back. It’s nothing but upside that way – the festival makes more money, the headliners sell more records and gain more fans, the attendees get their horizons broadened.

Those are nits. Conway, SC did themselves proad putting on such a good show.

Jazz in Conway

Tomorrow will be the Rivertown Jazz and Arts Festival in downtown Conway SC. The headliner of this event will be John Scofield. I’m excited about having a guy of this stature playing for free about 12 blocks from my house. When I first heard about this, I had misremembered when Scofield played with Miles Davis as being in the period I most liked – the post-electric Bitches Brew/Live Evil/Agharta era. In fact, Scofield played with him in the period when Davis was doing Cyndi Lauper covers, but still. I’ll be there and am so proud of my little town for going big on this festival. I hope to post photos and/or video later.