Around the Podosphere

Craig Patchett emailed me to let me know that he had published the show with his interview of me from PME. At first, I had no recollection of getting interviewed by Craig although I know I ran into him several times. It wasn’t until I listened to the show that I remembered it. It must have been late in the day on Saturday on the show floor because I think that was the low point for my voice. It sounds about shot here. Craig caught me all philosophical about new media, covering my beat as I do. He described me as “fiercely independent” or something close. That’s me, fierce. Grrrrowr. Thanks Craig!

On a recent episode of Smart City they did a show on “new media” (which wasn’t what I mean when I use that term but any mobile online activity kind of stuff) featuring cyberculture’s own Mimi Ito. It was an interesting show talking about the generational shift in media consumption and a lot of the stuff that many of us are already soaking in.