Around the Podosphere – 5/28/09

Here are a few things I’ve listened to that jumped out at me as being interesting. All are comic book related, just the way it fell.

  • Here is exactly the kind of show I always say that podcast exists for. I don’t know exactly how wide the audience is for a 75 minute show entirely about the first issue of Flash: Rebirth #1 but I am in that group. I liked this show a lot. I’m a reader of this miniseries. The Flash is one of my favorite superheroes and I used to collect this preferentially over most when I was a small boy. I’ve been in and out of comic collecting for the last 20 years and really appreciated these guys catching me up to speed on the last decade of the character. This is in excruciating detail, but by gum I am in the market for that on this subject matter.
  • I listened to this episode of Inkstuds which was an interview with Chris Brandt. The interview was all about the documentary he directed, Independents: A Guide for the Creative Spirit. The movie looks pretty good. They offer a quantity retailer discount of 50% if you buy 3 or more copies of the DVD. I’ve already got a person to go in with me on one of those deals, so at this point it’s gravy. Leave a comment if you are interested in getting this documentary at 50% + shipping.
  • Also on Inkstuds was this interview with Craig Yoe. There was a moment of hilarity when Yoe was talking about Joe Shuster’s work on “Nights of Horror.” Because of his Ohio accent, both Robin the host and myself listening in my car could not distinguish whether he was saying “horror” or “whore”. In the context of the conversation of the book Secret Identity: The Fetish Art of Superman’s Co-creator Joe Shuster, either word was plausible. For a little bit, it was a real Abbot and Costello routine there. This was a very good interview. In fact these two Inkstuds shows were back to back in my queue and the two I liked best in the last 6 months.