EGC Clambake For April 13, 2006

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for April 13, 2006.

Hurry up offense, I get right to it by playing a Jonathan Coulton song; I discuss Videoblogging Week 2006 and my Converge South video; I talk about seeing David Sedaris in Charleson; I profess my love for the Penn Jillette radio show; I talk about the Chris Bliss and Jason Garfield thing and point out that being a bigger technical feat don’t automatically make it more fun; I play a song by Danny Schmidt; I read a quote by Emma Bull; I talk about doing it for love and making money; I play a clip of myself getting interviewed by Ted Riecken; I do a little mike test to demonstrate cardiod vs. omnidirectional; I play a song by Diana Obscura and Damon Young; adios.

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Sedaris Quotes

I wish I had blogged this Tuesday night, there were a number of very funny quotes from the David Sedaris event in Charleston. Here are the ones I can remember several busy and tired days later, paraphrased as faithfully as I possibly can:

On James Frey:
I really don’t understand what all the fuss is about. He wrote a book about how he is an alcoholic fuck-up liar and then people are outraged that some of it wasn’t true. Well, he tried to warn you. What I really don’t understand is the self-righteousness. Why hold this first time memoirist to a high standard of truth but give the president a complete pass?

On France and their view of jobs:
The French really expect to have their jobs for life and don’t understand any system where you could get fired. Recently, a French woman said to me “Laboring for someone else when you know you could lose your job at any time, that’s just slavery.” Well, no, that would be putting people in shackles and forcing them to work for you for no pay. What you describe is just working.

From his diary:
The man introducing me at the event tonight had trouble reading his notes, and announced me as having gotten my start at the National Public Rodeo.

Sedaris in Charleston

Last night we made a power drive to Charleston to see David Sedaris, and then back that same evening. It was grueling, but enjoyable and we were glad we went. It’s interesting to me that this quirky writer has become a rock star, almost literally. He filled a coliseum last night that a number of rock stars might not be able to, to hear him read a few stories and answer some questions. He was really funny and more sedate and sensible than I was expecting. I’d like to write more about it, but I’m so exhausted I don’t think I can stay up one more minute. More tomorrow.