Tag Test

I’m just curious about this. Ecto has tags on the side that I use occasionally, but they insert into the bottom of the post as a footer type deal. Now that I’m a version of WordPress with tags built in, is the whole deal hooked together well enough that these will just recognized as WordPress tags? That would be cool but I’m not holding my breath.

Ecto Feature Request

Since Adriaan has show up every time I’ve mentioned ecto (Technorati and Feedster allow everyone to be their own kibo), I’ll put my feature request in here. Unless I’m missing something, the only way you have to publish is on the individual windows for each post. Right now I’m on an airplane and I’ll be writing a few entries. When I hook back up to the net, I want to publish them all and I don’t want to have to fool around with opening up each individual message and publishing each. Can I do that now? I don’t see it on the toolbar or in any of the menu choices. If I can’t, can this be put into the product?

By the way, Adriaan’s comment about how you can just type the tag name and have it either found or created in the list has saved me a lot of time and prevented me from tagging anything “puppy” since I learned the secret. Thanks!

PS – I ended up sleeping instead of blogging but I still would like to do this.

Puppy Tags

One thing that really bugs me about Ecto: they do a cute thing when you create a new tag and give the default name as “puppy.” Apparently though, if you edit the name but don’t navigate off of it to force a save of it, you publish your post with the default name and not what you changed it to. The first time I noticed one of my posts tagged “puppy” it was slightly funny. The fifth time it really got under my skin. I’d rather see it blank by default than to keep having my posts tagged “puppy.” Enough is enough. If you search Technorati for that tag at this moment you can see a few posts that were obviously mistagged by people using Ecto because they mention that tool by name.

First Big WordPress Question

OK folks, here’s the first thing I do need help with. I’m not sure if it is a WordPress issue or an Ecto issue, but when I publish these posts, they are categorized as the category I select as well as Uncategorized each time, even when I pick only the one category plus set it to “primary.” What’s going on here, and is it an Ecto issue or a WordPress issue?

Update: Adriaan of Ecto left a comment that points to the solution, and the bug is in the WordPress XML-RPC code. That explains why it only happened when publishing from Ecto and not using the web interface.