Evil Genius Chronicles Patreon Campaign is Live!

After consultation with a set of podcast supporters and taking in some input from those folks, the Evil Genius Chronicles Patreon campaign is now live!

The response from the first few days was completely off the charts from what I was expecting. The milestone for getting the show on a weekly schedule was met within the first 36 hours. I was hoping for the best but I wouldn’t have placed that bet. Thank you to all the supporters thus far.

If you are interested in supporting, feel free. So far, all of the pledges have been at the higher levels. No one has pledged at the $0.25 level but as I mentioned on the last episode, there is nothing preventing you from pledging at that $0.01 level. I misspoke during the episode, I am a $0.10 per episode supporter of Cordkillers not the $0.01 I stated. If you want to support but don’t have a lot of money, support at the nickel level. It’s all good.

I’m posting here the two alternate versions of the pitch video. I uploaded all three but the main version is what is linked from Patreon. For those who watched the video, these differ only by 13 seconds from version to version. Yes, it is THAT 13 seconds. From A to C they ramp up in redonkulousness.

Thanks again to all the supporters. My biggest fear was this campaign publicly eating it in spectacular fashion. It went so well so quickly that was off the table. I appreciate all the support my friends. To the future!

EGC Podcast Schedule to Record 8:30 PM EDT, April 6

Once again, I’m going to continue the experiment of recording my podcast and streaming. Tonight at 8:30 PM EDT I’ll be recording and streaming it live via Ustream. If you want to see a Kindle demonstrated, you can see it here. I’ll also once again try the experiment of posting with a ustream window embedded in it a few minutes before I start streaming.

You can always find out about things like this by subscribing to my FriendFeed account. That’s where the timely stuff lives.

Happy Birthday to the Clambake

Today is the one year anniversary of the first episode of the audio version of the Evil Genius Chronicles. I published an episode this morning that I actually did yesterday that has no birthday content whatsoever. I was on the edge of not publishing this one and instead redoing it. The sound was a little off, particularly at the beginning. I have a new Behringer UB802 mixer, and hadn’t noticed that the EQ setting for the high range was all the way down. That led to my original voiceover sounding muffled. Ironic isn’t it, adding better stuff is an initial hit?

I may or may not do another episode today with a little (very little) birthday related content. If it happens tomorrow, I shan’t cry. I was taken a little aback because I thought August 22nd was the day until I checked the records. Thanks to everyone who has been listening all this time, participating on the comment threads, sending me email, buying the stuff packages, supporting the musicians and generally being involved with the EGC community. Forming a community was never a primary goal (and it still isn’t) but I’m delighted that one has sort of formed spontaneously and I think is actually the best, most positive outcome of the whole magilla.

Thanks too to the sponsors. Thanks to iPodderX, who sponsored me for a long time and whose support provided the seed money that kicked off the stuff packages. Thanks to iPod Observer for being the current sponsor and helping out with the expenses. I appreciate it all.