Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for February 17 2023 – Under the Bus

In this episode, I play a song by the Axis of Awesome;
my random choice of mastodon.lol had consequences; I sympathize with having one Really Bad Day on your project; trans people just want to live their boring lives; I marched with the trans group in Myrtle Beach on MLK weekend; I am now in the orbit of the Ellijay Makerspace; Darusha Wehm and Andrew Roach sent the lifeboat to me; what if I had multiple personas for Mastodon?; I have a shitload of Fediverse accounts; makerspace silk-screening opens up a lot of possibilities; Cory Doctorow and Scott Edelman discussing Judith Merrill made me think about the one spark plug in a scene; I enjoyed Maverix and Lunatix; I missed a window in buying underground comics; I like scrappy Democrats; don’t criticize people by throwing rural people under bus.

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