Let’s Talk About Me

Let me table my barely existent humility and point to some stuff referencing me.

I did a few interviews last weekend, and hope to do some more soon. Several are posted now. Eddie Dickey interviewed me about AmigoFish, and Chad at Unedited interviewed me about Uplifter (sorry, can’t figure out a way to link to that individual episode notes).

Over at FalconTwin, Brendan talks about how he hates podcast directories and then has nice things to say about AmigoFish. I’m not sure that he likes it, but he seems to think it sucks less than baseline. I actually took his input to heart and have made a technical change that might give him (and everyone) more predictions. I’ll talk about this over at the AmigoFish blog. Brendan linked to me last month and I thought his online graphic novel looks interesting. I’ve been too busy to start from the beginning, but when things lighten up I think I will. I just can’t take the “new web comic productivity hit” right now.

I’m still in the market to do interviews with other podcasters, so if you are interested drop me a line. Help me help you.