Firebug Lite for IE

Last night I had to do some work on the CREATE South website, fixing problems making it render funny on Internet Explorer. The first thing I did when I sat down to start was to google on what Firebug like things there are for IE. To my shock and pleasant surprise, you can get a simulacrum of Firebug on any browser via Javascript. It’s called Firebug Lite and it worked great.

I set up the bookmarklet that will inject Firebug javascript into the current page, and from that point on you have something very similar to the Mozilla plugin right there. I wasn’t doing hardcore debugging in Javascript like I have found Firebug to be so useful for, but it helped me sort out some mismatched <div> tags and showed me where the problems were. I had no inkling before last night such a thing existed, but wow is it awesome and useful!

Firebug Works with Firefox 3!

For those of you like me who have upgraded to the Firefox 3 betas but were taking a big hit because of the loss of Firebug functionality, there is hope! Although it appears that Firebug 1.0.5 doesn’t automatically upgrade to 1.1, but 1.1 does in fact work with Firefox 3. I found this out by accident and it really made me happy since part of what I’m doing today is fiddling with <div> tags on the Create South website. It sure makes life better to have Firebug helping me with that.