Easy Come, Easy Go

Just the other day I blogged about how happy I was to be able to use Greasemonkey scripts on the OS X version of Google Chrome. This evening I had noticed that there was an update, so I restarted Chrome to pick it up. The problem is, this version ( disabled extensions in preparation for releasing the official beta for the OS X version. Had I realized that, I wouldn’t have restarted. I’m hoping they turn it back on, and soon. I had to start Firefox today to use the Google Maps -> Garmin GPS integration and it bummed me out. FireFox is unbelievably slow after using Chrome for a week.

Google Chrome for OS X

Over a week ago I downloaded the pre-release alpha of the OS X version of Google Chrome. I accepted the possibility that it might crash, have problems or generally behave like software that isn’t finished and/or fully tested. Wow. I used it for about two hours before I switched it to my default browser. Every so often, I’ll need to start Firefox up to get a stored password that I never put in my vault. When I do, Firefox reminds me why I don’t use it. Everything about it, even clicking on the menus, seems so slow compared to Chrome that it bums me out.

If this is what it is like in the alpha version, I cannot wait for OS X chrome to come out in full release. I expect to be delirious with joy for I am easy to please. Just don’t crash and don’t use up all the memory on my machine after running for a day.

Firebug Works with Firefox 3!

For those of you like me who have upgraded to the Firefox 3 betas but were taking a big hit because of the loss of Firebug functionality, there is hope! Although it appears that Firebug 1.0.5 doesn’t automatically upgrade to 1.1, but 1.1 does in fact work with Firefox 3. I found this out by accident and it really made me happy since part of what I’m doing today is fiddling with <div> tags on the Create South website. It sure makes life better to have Firebug helping me with that.