Cerebus TV on Bob Burden

Bob Burden and Dave Slusher Mutually Mesmerized

Around the holidays of 2010, I started watching Cerebus TV, this odd yet compelling video program that Dave Sim publishes every week. Not only have I gotten addicted to watching this show, but I like to watch the very first airing Friday night at 10 PM. When the intro says “It’s 10 PM Friday in Kitchener, Ontario” it makes me kind of happy to be watching at 10 PM Friday. I can’t explain why it matters, but it does. Even though it spends an entire week running on infinite loop, I like that first play.

This week’s episode (will be up until 10 PM March 11th) is about Bob Burden. As it happens, I’ve had the fortune to know Bob a little for over 20 years. It’s not as if we’re close friends or anything, but I’ve been casually friendly with Bob in that way that people on the same convention circuit get. I’ve interviewed him a few times over the years (photo is from one of those at Dragon*Con 1995), and he’s a nice enough guy that when we turn up at the same bar, he always buys me a drink and chats for a while. Even before I knew him that much, I bought comics from him at the Atlanta Fantasy Fair. In 1985, I bought from him the copy of Love and Rockets #1 that I still own today. If I remember correctly, Bob even cut me a deal on it.

I enjoyed this episode in particular of all the ones I’ve watched so far. This is timely, the show will rotate in 72 hours and as far as I can tell there is no way to see older episodes. If you are a fan of The Flaming Carrot, the Mystery Men movie, the Gumby comic books or like me all of the above, check it out.