Gene Colan in Hard Times

One of my favorite comic artists of all time is Gene Colan. He drew Iron Man, a classic run on Tomb of Dracula including creating the Blade character, a stretch on Doctor Strange that I loved, and even worked on Howard the Duck with the late Steve Gerber. In the 80’s Eclipse comics published some wonderful comics that were shot directly from his expressive pencils without an inker.

Sadly, Mr. Colan is now having severe heath problems, including liver failure. You can help out with the expensive pharmaceutical bills by buying art on eBay. Also posted is an appeal to mail a card and an appreciation for what his work has meant to you. I have in the past failed to act on these appeals in time and the next thing I knew, the person was lost. It’s time to act on this one. A card to Mr. Colan is on the way tomorrow.