Gravatars Engaged

For no real reason other than that I felt like it, I added the single line of code to my WordPress theme to make gravatars show up. I’ve had an account at for a long time but I’ve really been underutilizing it. In fact, although I had uploaded my logo as my avatar, I had not correctly selected it as the primary picture. I was surprised when I first enabled the gravatars as many people’s showed up immediately but mine never did. That’s all rectified and now all is well.

I like the effect of seeing these pictures in the comment page. Because a lot of people seem to have the same picture as their gravatar and FriendFeed logo, it actually ties together the native comments with the imported FriendFeed comments. It makes it look like more of a coherent conversation, particularly when the same people are commenting in both places.

Let me know what you think. And of course, when you do let’s see your picture!