Google Chrome on OS X Now Has Greasemonkey Built-in!

One of the big bummers for me of using Google Chrome on OS X was the lack of Greasemonkey script support. There were some various hackish ways to make it work for Windows versions but I couldn’t find a reasonable way on OS X. Tonight I realized part of why that is. The support is there, but there just is no interface around it. However, if you click on a Greasemonkey script it installs and is visible right there on the chrome://extensions page.

The main script I want to run is the “Enhance ComicBookDB” script, which adds some links and changes some defaults to that site. I clicked it and Chrome asked me if I wanted to install it. I did, reloaded Comic Book DB and voila, it was working. Wow! This is working for me in the build. This makes me freakishly happy.