Guy Fawkes Day

Today is Guy Fawkes Day, where depending on your leanings we either celebrate the attempt to blow up the British Parliament building or the failure to blow it up. It can be hard to tell.

I had paid for and was using my logo for years before I realized it was Guy Fawkes. It took a young dude working on an Army bomb disposal unit who I met in Washington Dulles airport. He said that Fawkes is their mascot and started a conversation after seeing my logo. I explained it to the artist as a silent movie villain and only in the airport that day did I realize that the look of the mustachio twirling, tie-her-to-the-tracks villain is pure Guy Fawkes.

Today you can download for free Paul Melancon’s song “Guy Fawkes Day”, which I highly recommend. He’s one of my favorite musicians, so go get this while the getting is good. I love this song, I love his music, go do it.