John Kelly’s Voxford on Hard Rock Park

I work about 3/4 of a mile from Hard Rock Park but I’ve never been there. However, this dude who lives in England has been and posted a review of it that I found via Largehearted Boy. He seemed to generally like it. It’s one of those things I feel like I should go to, but mostly the price structure has kept me away. As the prices for locals keep dropping, at some point it will cross my buy line and then I’ll go.

The idea seems, by being so worshipful of rock and roll, to be the exact opposite of rock. I tend to think of it like those anarchy symbol shirts that I seen kids buying from Hot Topic. The way you make your statement completely cuts the legs out from the meaning of it. The saving grace would be if the goal of Hard Rock Park is to celebrate modern day mainstream rock by presenting something overpriced and bloated, which I would actually like if that was their intention. Here in Myrtle Beach they constantly run TV commercials for the park with people behaving in superficially “rocking” douchebag behavior as a selling point. Yeah.

One of these days I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and try the place out. We’ll see how it holds up to my diminished expectations.

Led Zeppelin Roller Coaster

Alright, I for once clicked a YouTube link for some video of a test of the Led Zeppelin roller coaster at the Hard Rock theme park. That does look pretty bad asssed. This park is close enough to my office that it would be feasible to get a season pass and go there at lunch time. In fact, from the angle I’m guessing that this video was shot from the parking lot of the barbecue joint I eat at. It is literally across the street from the coaster. When this park opens, it will either be fantastic or horrible, depending on what the traffic does to the general area.