Google Calendar, CalDav and iCal

A month ago, I set up iCal syncing with my Google Calendar via these instructions. Thus far, it has rocked the serious rock. I’ve given in to the borg and set up Google as my central hub for mail, for calendars, contacts, etc. They already know everything about me anyway. I used to be scared of it, then I decided to go whole hog on this path and bought some of their stock to make me a shareholder. If I can’t fight the tiger, maybe I can ride it.

I made an appointment to give blood from my day job workstation. They gave me an outlook VCS file for it, which I imported into my google calendar. At lunch, I hooked up to wifi at a Starbucks. Without thinking about it, I checked something else on my calendar and saw this appointment. I didn’t think about it, it was just there. Things are starting to get good here. Maybe the chaos that is my disorganized life will get a little underpinning to keep it from spinning out of control. There is always hope while there is breath.