Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for May 19 2022 -What if I Just Go Forward?

In this episode, I play a song by IDK How; upgrading my Pop!_OS completely changed my audio configuration; there is now a wide open EGC discord available to all listeners; I had to migrate my server boxes because of spammers and malware scumbags; I am trying to figure out how to use fail2ban; it has been rough to be an adult around these parts; I continue to struggle with self-loathing and low self esteem; I screwed up joining the work-provided Headspace account; I am more down on myself than anyone else; yard work is quiet contemplation time now; most of our decisions don’t matter; Howard Chaykin on the Wit’s End podcats; I hate science fiction that isn’t that different; the Foundation TV show is both extra weird and not that weird; I got my Zine Zone podcast care package; I came around to laptop stickers late in life;

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, May 19 2022.

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