James Slusher’s WSOP Run

If you look at the coverage of Day 1 of Event 27 of the World Series of Poker, one of the last entries of the day is below.

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 00:58:30

When You’re Hot You’re Hot

Bernard Lee has just sucked out on another player to eliminate him and extend his lead. He reraised a player all in preflop with 99 who was holding AA. The inevitable 9 fell on turn to send the pot his way. He’s up to 167,500 now.

What is it to me? The guy with the aces against Bernard Lee was my brother. It sent him out in something like 230th place, but his initial $1500 buy-in netted him over $3000, better than doubling that money. Not bad for a days work. My jealousy continues, but this gives me that much more incentive to step it up so I can go next year.

Congratulations James!

My Brother The Gambler

My brother is in Las Vegas right now, playing in a World Series of Poker event. He’s been calling me all day with status updates at every break. While I was in the office with my team working on a Saturday, he was phoning me with his adventures in his first ever big time tournament. As he’s been on the phone with me, he’s been joking with the likes of Steve Zolotow. At the last check-in, the field had shrunk from 2700 to 600 and Jim had about an average stack. Something like the top 270 will get paid, so he was getting awfully close to the money. He hasn’t called lately so that has to be good news.

I’m incredibly jealous because I wish I was out there with him. I still need to build up my poker bankroll before I can go. By next year I need to turn the $300 or so I have online into a few thousand. I’m more or less on a freeroll with all of that. I started as a poker site beta tester which ended up garnering me some actual cash which I ended up transferring to other site. I’ve only ever put about $20 of my own cash into the online poker world, and that was just to round up a transfer to get the maximum of a 100% match bonus. If I can parlay this into a WSOP entry, it’s very much like winning in on a $1 super satellite ticket.

Good luck James. May you go deep, cash out for much, and knock them dead.

Suggested Listening

Here’s some things I have listened to lately that I really liked:

Actually I’m still listening to this one and am really liking it – Chuck Tomasi has an interview with Leo Laporte.

My brother has a podcast and he’s done a great variety of stuff. For some reason, the show that has tickled me the most has been his odd/bad music show. I listened to it in O’Hare airport on my last Chicago trip and was giggling all the way to the gate.

Elvis Mitchell, my newest interview hero, interviews Christopher Nolan about the new Batman movie. I loved this interview especially, and I love every episode of this show so this is good even above that baseline.

DVDTalkRadio did an interview with John Waters. Waters makes me laugh in everything he ever does, be it interview or book or movie or Simpson apperance. This interview rocked and although I didn’t really need selling, it has definitely sold me a copy of the Dirty Shame DVD.