Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for January 12 2023 – I Was the Dormancy

In this episode, I play a song by JD Pinkus; this WordPress site is kind of a Mastodon instance; is using Mastodon restarting bad habits?; Apple announced AI audiobooks and Mastodon got fussy; I don’t like acccents in audiobooks; back in the day there were stores of audiobooks on cassettes; the innovator’s dilemma is working on industries and people when jobs change; the MMT job guarantee could reduce anxiety about industry disruption; I had the wrong feed for Rudy Rucker’s podcast; I am now all in on Zigbee; Sonoff Zigbee stuff is cheap and pretty good; Wiz light bulbs get confused by mesh wifi; having lots of Zigbee devices is better than one or two; I did not get my wish list of to-do items done over a very long holiday break; make the hard decisions on what to do with your items before you die so others don’t have to.

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