Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for October 4 2015 – Vague Notions Become Real

In this episode, I play a song from The Invalids; I talk about Merlin Mann on Reconcilable Differences and his odd belief that he is under pressure to be a sports fan; I point out my appearance on Rob Greenlee’s section of International Podcast Day on Blab.IM; I talk about my new podcast projects Mad at Dad and Milk Fed Crime Blotter; I mention a great term that Sean Cullen coined; I finish by talking about my experience at a Bernie Sanders rally.

This week’s large factual misstatement comes when I refer to the podcast to which Ken Kennedy was recommending me was the Incomparable. In fact, although John Siracusa is a regular guest on that podcast, it was Hypercritical that Ken thought I should listen to.

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