SciFiDimensions Big Auction Running NOW

At Dragon*Con I had a chance to talk a little with John C. Snider, the proprietor of SciFiDimensions. I’ve actually known him for approaching 10 years now. I won tickets to the Atlanta Comiccon from SFD back in the early 2000s when the site was very new and talked to him at that show. I’ve periodically been seeing him at Dragon*Cons ever since.

Right now, the fall fundraiser auction for SciFiDimenions is running. There are a lot of books, DVDs, magazines and toys of interest to the SF fan out there. I just put bids in on a couple of items. Either I’ll win them or I’ll drive up the value that the fundraiser takes in, and frankly either outcome is great with me. I will go back and bid on some more things later on. If you are a fan of Georgia big-time SF author Michael Bishop, there are several signed items from him in there. Felicia Day/ Guild fans, there’s a DVD in there. Doctor Who fans, some toys are in there and they are currently very cheap.

Go check it out and help out a good cause. John is a great guy, the podcast version of SciFiDimensions has great interviews, the text site is great. It’s not pure philanthropy though because you can score great stuff for cheap. We all come out ahead on this deal.