Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for January 12 2024 – Not Much of an Issue, Not Much of a Solution

In this episode I play a song by You Am I; buying some cameras seems be helping the dog pee situation; we took the first road trip in the electric Audi; the free credits with Electrify America aren’t of much worse when they never work; I am playing lots of solitaire; I created a spreadsheet to help me make arbitrary choices; I wondered if I was being too hard on dogmatic punks until I heard Chris Shifflett make the same points as me on Turned Out A Punk; Chris Gethard on Death Sex and Money defends making art and having a day job; I migrated from Wilosophy to TOFOP via the Everyone Relax feed; the kid and I have decided to take up watching Australian Rules Football; I used to watch weird shit on ESPN in the 80s; I was knocked out by the Do You Need a Ride podcast merch store; Self-Hosted is on about the enshittification of Plex; I am not buying any more hardware from companies that want to sell me content; I don’t love Jellyfin the way I should; I don’t love Docker the way nerds think I should; I want a color Onyx Boox 10″ but I do not want to pay $500.

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