Survivor’s Guilt

As I said early today in the podcast, I feel twin emotions watching hurricane Katrina bear down on the Gulf Coast. One is great sadness for what is almost certain to be devastating and runs the risk of ruining the lives of or even killing my friends in that area. I lived there for several years and have a great love for south Louisiana. The thought of having that magical place scoured by 190 MPH winds makes me want to puke.

The second emotion is a horrible, guilty feeling – that I’m glad it isn’t going to hit Myrtle Beach. I’m not proud of this feeling, but it is true. That also makes me want to puke.

I also hope Poppy Brite and Chris DeBarr changed their minds and got their asses the hell out of their house. I sure don’t want to read their obituaries in a few days because they were worried about feral cats and violating a stupid rental car contract.

Update: Poppy and Chris did indeed evacuate after all. Thank fucking dobbs.