Alex Williams Weirdness

Alex Williams takes Liz Phair to task for not having an RSS feed for her podcast, which was a follow on from this. There is only one problem with his umbrage, I’ve been subscribed to her RSS feed for weeks, which is highly available on her website, at a really obvious place. I think Alex made a bad assumption, and made an ass out of him and him.

Why did he think there was no feed? Because it wasn’t listed in the Yahoo directory and/or the commentors couldn’t find it. Does he think the Yahoo directory is so perfect that not being there means it doesn’t exist? That’s just silly. I have to side with Liz on this, the first time I heard about it I went to her website and found the RSS url in 3 seconds. Liz Phair 1, Corante 0.

Update: A few minutes after I posted, her episode #4 popped up on my Shuffle. If you do want to criticize her, you can get her on an incomplete MP3 tags charge. They have a vague episode title with empty artist and album fields, so I didn’t even realize I had a new episode.