Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for February 24 2022 – Onslaught of Plant Semen

In this episode, I play a song by Shake Well; goodbye to Don from the dog park; Logseq is another option for personal knowledge management; I listen to Cortex and I am unsure why; I’m past the time of productivity hacks; I am coining the term “hustle porn” (note: this term has been around for years); ChooseFi and All the Hacks podcasts are no longer doing it for me; smart contracts are terrifying for someone who has seen as much shitty code as me; betting it all on 27 isn’t a strategy; I need recommendations for photo management software; I’m using Facebook in the aftermath of Podcast Hall of Fame nomination but I still hate it; the “only me” permissions is the way to go; I have trouble with “have a nice one.”

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