Written in Venom

Around this time of year, my thoughts often turn to Norse mythology. That might not be as weird as it seems, because at least here in America our XMas traditions are pretty heavily steeped in the Scandinavian. I’ve always loved mythology, and I like the Norse because it is so different from the Greco-Roman stories.

One of the books I’ve most enjoyed in the last decade is a fantastic novel by Lois Tilton called Written in Venom. That link takes you to Fictionwise, where you can buy the book electronically in a variety of DRM free formats. This novel is fantastic, and tells the story of Thor, Odin and Loki but with Loki as the central and sympathetic character. It is an interesting take on familiar stories. It sets Loki as the martyr of the story, and his incarceration and torment a tragedy rather than being a triumph of good. I recommend this to anyone interested in the Norse myths. A few Decembers ago I read this, and reading it with a little nip in the air or snow on the ground lends a little more to the experience.

Sadly, Lois has decided to stop writing because she found the whole pursuit to not be worth the trouble and heartbreak. The fact that this book did not get much of a reception or sell well was a part of that decision. It sucks, because I think this book really and truly is fantastic. If you are at all interested, check it out and possibly buy it. You get to read a great book, support DRM free ebooks and the marketplace for electronic text. It makes the baby Thor smile.