Rocket City Riot Drops

I feel paternal about this item. A long time back, this podcast was serializing the new Rocket City Riot album one song at a time as he finished them. We were doing a short interview every Saturday, which was a lot of fun. At least one of these was done with John Mark while he was in Bangladesh. Well, that album is now out and available for purchase from Magnatune. RCR was the first band I ever paid money for at Magnatune, and I’ll be doing it for this one as well. High energy indie rock and roll that not only moves your booty and makes you bang your head, but also sticks it to the man! It don’t get better than this.

EGC Clambake For April 24, 2006

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for April 24, 2006.

I play a song by Mutandina; I let slip a hidden secret about “streaming only” URLs; I tell the story of the worst days I have experienced with the AmigoFish project; I play a song I lifted from Bob’s Slacktime Funhouse which is by Evolution Control Committee; it’s dead, Jim.

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Magnatune Embraces Podcasting

A correspondent sent me this link to this page at Magnatune laying out their commitment to podcasting. They prefer that you use the higher quality version of their music if you are going to podcast it, so you can get a pseudo credit card number from them that you can use to download them. Wow, that’s almost crazy in its support! I didn’t notice it the first time I looked at the page, but down at the bottom is a link to the interview I did with John Buckman for Voices in Your Head.