Even Mike Doughty Has His Own Blog Reclamation Problems

I’m not the only one who feels that Twitter has eaten my blog. Musician Mike Doughty blogs recently about the book he’s writing, a memoir of his time in Soul Coughing and being an addict then being sober. Embedded in that is this paragraph:

Blogging, as an art form, isn’t as fun as micro-blogging. Writing on Twitter, I think, is a better form of communication on the web; I’m a fan of parameters as a creative tool. So my real blogging has suffered. I’m trying to get back on the horse, though; I’m trying to generate thoughts that take longer than three lines to express. It is, of course, a thankless struggle.

I’ve started shutting down HootSuite for hours at a time. All the criticisms I’ve made about microblogging still stand. The whole reason I’m involved in any of new media – blogging, podcasting, self-publishing – is that I want to own my own shit and control my own destiny. I’m one of the few holdouts in my circle by not wanting to carry around an always-on device buzzing constantly with social media status messages. I want to think slower, react slower, write at greater length and cogitate more deeply on issues.