Surreal Podcast Moment

Not to brag or anything, but it’s not that unusual to hear my name mentioned on podcasts. I like it, it’s generally a fun experience (unless the mentioner is a specific Canadian dude) but it has long ceased to be a novel experience. However it is definitely surreal to be driving home from work listening to an episode of News Gang Live and hear them talk about me for five minutes, about how I use Friend Feed and why I have left Twitter.

For the record, I’ve been wanting to call in for weeks because what they say about me is never quite right. When I’ve had the codes to call I haven’t had time and when I’ve had time I didn’t get the codes. I’m also bummed that I never got to call in during the period when they were talking about the recently departed George Carlin. I have a hell of a lot to say about him.

News Gang

Today I was invited to participate in a new Gillmor venture, the the News Gang. Steve’s always liked me despite whatever dicklike behavior I exhibit, so what could I do but say yes? Late in the afternoon I got a direct Twitter message from Steve inviting me. I was a little worried about the logistics of calling in from my day job but it all worked out. Thanks to Steve for the invitation. It was nerve wracking but fun. It definitely is harder than it sounds, because it is difficult to tell what time to talk so a few times I just sort of waded in and threw an elbow. It’s kind of like being on a Subgenius show.

The episode is live now, so check it out. I’m not going to listen back because I don’t want to hear how stupid and nervous I sounded, but I’d appreciate honest feedback on how I did from those who do listen. Just the other day I was wondering to myself what I had to do to weasel myself an invite onto the Gillmor Gang/Group and bingo, there it was. Papa likes!