Quick Hits

These are things that I have been meaning to blog and just haven’t. For all I know I already did but I’m too much of a lazy prick to actually check and see if I did.

The iPodder Lemon folks paypal’d me a donation, just for me being me. Thanks guys! My relationship with iPodderX put a real or perceived distance between me and them, but I really dig them and I thought this was an unusually cool thing to do. I guess they had a pool of money and voted to allocate it amongst folks they listen to. I use iPodderX but I have also used iPodder and like it too. Either one of these clients is light years better than the current state of iTunes’s podcasting support. Keep up the good work, even if the lemon is the single worst icon you can use for a product.

Thanks to Aron Michalski for a pleasant Sunday hanging around backstage at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach and on the crew bus. Sadly, I was too wiped out to go to the show despite him generously arranging tickets for me. I felt like a schmuck not actually attending the show and it took me two days to work up the courage to email him afterwards. It was fun, cool to actually meet him and to see behind the curtain of a big rock show. His podcast is one of my must-listen shows and I never miss an episode.

I think Phil Gordon’s podcast from the World Series of Poker is the single best “celebrity” podcast I’ve ever heard. It is just right – behind the scenes look at stuff that is fascinating, just enough irreverence to make it unusable in any other format, etc. I dig it. I found out that I have four degrees of separation to him and that he and I attended Georgia Tech at the same time. Hell, I might have two degrees through mutual college friends. Anyway, I love his podcast and he has said that he’ll keep doing it even after the end of the WSOP, just because he likes the feedback and finds it fun to do. Amen!