Chris Penn Challenges Podcamp Philly

Chris Penn has a post challenging the attendees of Podcamp Philly to not just geek out but build something of practical use to the citizens of Philadelphia. I really like that idea. When we put on CREATE South our primary motivation was to provide a framework so that people could walk out with a tangible set of things to do in order to join this community. We didn’t want to have a nerdish gabfest, it was always envisioned as a way to bring people out with similar interest and get as many people up to speed as we could.

What I like about Podcamp Philly challenge is that by putting a specific and achievable goal it helps focus the potentially meandering agenda, gets people honed in on not just building things but building things that help. I’d love to see this model work and be adopted at more places. If it works well it will make people feel better about their time, help some people and avoid the tendency for insularity that can come from these events. Make it happen, y’all!