What to do about amazonfail

I have a post I will author soon with my take on the whole “amazonfail” brouhaha. Very short take – I don’t think I’ve seen anyone involved on any side of the question with whom I much agree. However this post will take time to write, and with CREATE South planning and extra day job work well into the evening, time is the one thing I don’t have.

I do have just enough time to note the absence of something from the Amazon detractors. I’ve seen a lot of hostility towards the company in the last few days, but very little in workable alternative building. To the various amazonfail warriors, don’t boycott. Instead, become evangelists for alternatives. My suggestion would be Powell’s Books. It’s a fine chain of brick and mortar stores (oh sweet “Bob” do I miss the days I could walk there for my coffee break) and a really fine online store. Go there, create an associate account (they pay 7.5% referral fees) and push the living hell out of that. Switch all your Amazon links to Powells. I think it would be good for the online retailing ecosystem for Amazon to have some stiffer competition, so build it. You’ll feel good that you did.

PS – follow my associate links and buy some stuff. That will really stick it to Amazon!