Proposition 8 == Hate

I attended my first gay wedding in 1993 and it was a beautiful event. That couple is still together and is as strong a union as any married couple I know. When I was a child, I remember one of the main reasons provided for homosexuality being wrong was the high promiscuity associated with it. Never mind this was the mid 70’s and promiscuity was pretty high for everyone. The rationale being used was the homosexuals sought many partners and thus were not fit for polite society.

Flash forward 35 years and now that many homosexuals want nothing more than to settle down with each other and get equal protections under the law for their marriage, that makes them bad. Any time the underlying evidence becomes opposite but the conclusion remains the same then you’ve got a rigged game. I personally don’t understand how there can be any constitutional grounding to the banning of same sex marriage. The objections come from religious arguments, not civil ones, so any form of law against banning gay marriage is supporting one religion over another. My religion has no problem with same sex marriage, and in fact encourages it. “Bob” doesn’t care who you marry, he just want you to increase your slack. Oh, and he wants your money! If my religion is cool with it, then making this a legal issue is elevating your religion above mine in the eyes of the law, violating the constitution. Suck on that, the Church of the Subgenius is a useful legal strategy!

I agree with the below video that I found via my friend Nicola. This is an issue that when you are lying in the hospice living out your final days (I hope many many decades from now) if you were on the wrong side of it you will not feel good about yourself. Do yourself a favor and get good on this now to keep your conscience clean. Fiery preachers condemned the intermingling of whites and nigras 50 years ago. Time to realize where you stand in the flow of history, neighbors.