Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Aug 7 2015 – DDOP 4

In this episode, I answer two questions: What is my relationship to videogames? and What do I think about Jethro Tull specifically and 70s music in general?

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Personality Crisis does Queen

I’m listening to the most recent episode of Personality Crisis from my outlaw RSS podcast feed. Queen is playing (played?) Atlanta this week, so Jon did a show with a lot of Queen (still going, so I don’t know if all 2 hours were nothing but.) This is seriously good stuff, not the tired things like “Bohemian Rhapsody” that you’ve heard 17,000 times on classic rock radio. Think “Tie Your Mother Down”, “Ogre Battle”, “Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon/I’m In Love with My Car”, etc. I think I’d put Queen at the very top of 70’s bands that I care about, or possibly tied with Cheap Trick. Although there are half a dozen songs that get played over and over on radio, it’s easy to forget that there are so many good albums loaded with good songs top to bottom.

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