I’m thinking seriously about going to RailsConf in Chicago (announcement here). I’m getting more into Rails all the time, and really enjoying it. It’s predominantly what I use for my fun-time programming nowadays. I’d like to be there with a lot of the game-stepper-uppers and hear about the intermediate to advanced topics, and meet some of the other mixed nuts in this dish.

The only downside is that it is happening at the Wyndham out by O’Hare. Seriously, when you have a conference at an airport hotel 30 minutes or more outside the city, it is almost irrelevant where you actually are. It could be Boston, Seatac, or Ontario California – you don’t actually see anything other than the hotel, conference center and possibly a Ruby Tuesday or Benihana nearby. Might as well hold it the airport Hilton in Joplin, Missouri to be the geographic center of the potential attendees. Oh well, at least that’s near the house of my buddy Coop.

Update: That problem took care of itself when the conference sold out earlier today. Maybe next year.