Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for October 4 2015 – Vague Notions Become Real

In this episode, I play a song from The Invalids; I talk about Merlin Mann on Reconcilable Differences and his odd belief that he is under pressure to be a sports fan; I point out my appearance on Rob Greenlee’s section of International Podcast Day on Blab.IM; I talk about my new podcast projects Mad at Dad and Milk Fed Crime Blotter; I mention a great term that Sean Cullen coined; I finish by talking about my experience at a Bernie Sanders rally.

This week’s large factual misstatement comes when I refer to the podcast to which Ken Kennedy was recommending me was the Incomparable. In fact, although John Siracusa is a regular guest on that podcast, it was Hypercritical that Ken thought I should listen to.

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Clambake Episode for July 24, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for July 24, 2005.

Today is Rocket City Riot day, with our weekly interview and song from John Mark King; I talk about doing interviews via Skype; I play an out of context quote I find funny; I talk about and play a song by the Kropotkins, whilst pointing out how comforting I found it to live close to Mo Tucker from the Velvet Underground; Wired Jesus is responding to my show about god; I play competing clips from David Coursey and Lawrence Lessig; out of time, must go.

Once again, I didn’t quite complete one of the main thoughts. When I was saying that the big media guys make a big deal about how the amateurs aren’t as good as the pros (which I suggested be filed under “no shit Sherlock”), the conclusion that I didn’t say was “that the pros are relying on that fact for their livelihood, they should be frightened at how close the amateurs are to them in quality and the speed with which they are closing the gap.”

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