Scoble On the Rampage

There’s an interesting debate heating up over at the Scobleizer. Scoble took some people (Engadget specifically) to task for not linking to him on his scoop about the new Intel fab and technology, choosing instead to link to the New York Times story of the same. On the one hand, it’s hard to feel sorry for huge-name bloggers not getting linked to enough for their tastes. On the other, I think his basic point is valid. He does appear to have info directly from Intel in his video no one else does which ought to make him a primary source in this story. There is something a little odd about bloggers choosing not to support other bloggers and instead give all their link love to organizations that hate them and do nothing but deny the value of blogging as a pursuit.

I like Robert and the one time I met him he was really cool and nice to me. I wish I could have seen him again at Converge South, but I blew that. In the last week or two I just subscribed to the Scoble Show, starting around the time he was posting the John Edwards videos. I haven’t watched any of them yet, but they are downloaded. Because of the differing consumption mode, I’m mostly caught up on my audio podcasts but nine full months behind on my video podcasts. I can listen to the audio all day at work and during my commute but the video can only be watched at certain times. On days when I eat at my desk, I typically watch videos then but I have to do the “Work safe” ones, so some of them end up getting turned off in the middle. I was actually hesitant to add another video podcast to my list of ones I’m not watching in a timely manner, but what the hey. Scoble, you’re in. When my external drive gets filled, though, a day of reckoning will come.