Security Hookup

This is the post that precipitated the previous rules post. There is a local Myrtle Beach firm that is releasing a computer security video and audio podcast that I like a lot. It is the Security Hookup. Joe, the guy that does it is the first geek I met in the Grand Strand, and was an attendee at the very first Uplifter meeting. He asked me to take a look at the feed and the show months ago, before it was made public. I made a few minor suggestions about file naming conventions and such. Mostly though, I thought it was ready to roll from the very beginning.

I have been wanting to link to the show for some time, as I like it and think it is very well done. From the very first episode, I learned a whole lot about the squid proxy and it made me realize I should be using it rather than sockd when I need a proxy. Joe’s been very cautious about the hosting situation and getting the show how he likes it before it became public. In the time since all that happened, I have gone to work for the company. That left me in the odd position that needed the conversation with my boss and the rules. On the one hand, I didn’t want to represent myself as a spokesman or out myself as an employee without their knowledge and approval. On the other hand, it would be disingenuous to point to the videocast as something I like and not disclose I work for the same company, even though I didn’t when I first came to like it.

So there you have the whole thing. I’m a fan of the Security Hookup, and think a lot of the people that enjoy Security Now and other similar shows would like it. If you prefer audio, you can get solely that but there is well integrated video as well. The video is more than the talking head, as it presents screen shots and enough additional information and context that if you can possibly experience it that way, I recommend it. I give this show a thumbs up, even though that thumb is deep in the Pocket of the Man.

This post complies with my work blogging rules of the road.