Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for November 25 2014 – Detached from my Car

In this episode, I talk about my lack of interest in American car culture or the Beach Boys; I discuss the nostalgia episode of the Digital Human podcast and why I hate nostalgic thinking; I talk about how I misplayed my hand in podcasting and how Serial points to my growing detachment from the mainstream of the medium; I talked about how I hope Reel Reviews publishes a new episode (and he did shortly after this!); I discuss how high production pushes me away from most mainstream podcasts; I float an idea for a side-project collecting references to “when podcasting sucked” and call for action; I talk about what a screw-up I am (and the posting of this episode is further proof).

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, November 25, 2014.

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